The Myers’ Cocktail itself has been shown to have pharmacological effects when administered for migraines and tension headaches. Magnesium is especially important in brain functioning, and also acts as a powerful natural anti-inflammatory, bringing relief to your headache fast. Magnesium also provides mental support, boosting your mood and fighting depression. Vitamin B Complex and Vitamin B12 combine to provide a baseline of support for energy, brain function, and mood balancing. On top of the benefits of the Myers’ Cocktail, CoQ10, an enzyme similar to a vitamin, is used by your cells to produce the energy your body needs for cell growth and maintenance. It has also been widely used to treat and prevent migraine headaches. All together with Zinc, these ingredients are a natural way to fight migraines and tension headaches, balance your mood and reduce stress, and increase alertness and focus.


CoQ10 - $25 | Vitamin B12 - $25 | Vitamin D  - $25 | BCAA - $25 | Amino Blend OR IV Push - $25 | Glutathione OR IV Push - $25 | Extra Hydration - $35