Alcohol consumption affects many parts of your body: your brain, your stomach, your liver, your heart, your kidneys, your muscles, your skin. The next day, it could lead you feeling queasy, with a pounding headache, a dry mouth, and an aching body, and these symptoms can linger all day.  Alcohol is a diuretic, and your body naturally excretes large amounts of fluid in the process of digesting alcohol, leaving you (sometimes severely) dehydrated. Our Recover therapy includes the Myers’ and adds an extra boost of Vitamin B12 to energize, a push of Glutathione to help repair and restore cells in the liver and kidneys, and Sodium Bicarbonate to reduce stomach acid and relieve upset stomach. In addition, you may choose to include a Zofran push for anti-nausea and Pepcid for anti-heartburn. We then follow up the treatment with an additional drip of fluids and electrolytes to replenish your dehydrated body. Altogether, these nutrients combine in a mega-therapy that will get you off the couch and on the road to recovery fast.



CoQ10 - $25 | Vitamin D - $25 | Amino Blend Injectable OR IV Push - $25 | BCAA - $25 | Extra Hydration - $35