Gone are the days of over-simplified diet templates and generalized treatments. Why prescribe dosages and diets that meet 'national averages' and 'recommended daily values' when no two bodies are alike? At Vitaliv, we won't treat you like a statistic. Your body is unique, and your body's needs are even more so.

We believe in personalized healthcare: give your body what it actually needs to optimize your overall health. By personalizing your treatments and health plans, we can provide the right infusions, injectables, supplements, and diet recommendations tailor-made to your unique profile. By doing so, we can help treat conditions, prevent disease, promote healthy weight, reverse aging, and optimize your overall health status.

Ready to start your journey to the healthiest you? Schedule your initial consultation with our certified medical staff and take the first step. Prior to your consult, you will complete initial intake forms to learn more about you and your history - your typical diet, your family history, your medical history, your habits - and your goals for health.

Our staff will analyze your health at a personal level and optimize your diet and nutrition with information provided by you, and couple it with information obtained from lab tests that analyze your body at the genetic and cellular levels. With this personalized information, our staff will develop a plan of action that works for your body - not just any body.



Ready to start your journey to the healthiest you? Schedule your initial consultation with our certified medical staff. Prior to your consult, you will complete initial intake forms to learn more about you and your history - your typical diet, your family history, your medical history, your habits - and your goals for health. Our staff will analyze your health at a personal level and optimize your diet and nutrition with hard data from lab work.


Personalized care starts with personalized results. Vitaliv has partnered with several of the country's leading labs to accurately test for your body's current - and even future - health status. With the results, we can see what makes you unique and use the data to accurately prescribe therapies, supplements, and diets that fit your needs, deficiencies, medical conditions, and even genetic predispositions. 


After compiling your health history and obtaining the results of the blood labs recommended, our staff will then have the facts to properly develop a personalized plan of action that meets your individual needs. We can develop custom infusion and injectable therapy protocols and recommend certain nutraceuticals to supplement the nutrients you need at the therapeutic dosages your body requires for optimal functioning.


By addressing your needs, our personalized programs will return hormones, pre-hormones, vitamins, minerals, proteins and electrolytes to optimal levels. Optimal body chemistry can deliver better aesthetics, increased muscle to fat ratio, more energy, sharper mental acuity, better memory, and a longer life - transforming your body to its most efficient and effective version to prevent disease, reduce signs of aging, increase energy, and promote an overall heightened sense of well-being.


Who could benefit from personalized care?

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EVERYONE! No matter your current state, personalized care can help improve your life. Nutrition forms the base of the health pyramid. By personalizing your nutritional uptake, you can optimize your base, and the rest will fall into place.

No matter your situation, condition, or current health status, you can benefit from a nutrition plan centered around your individual needs. Patients battling cancer and other diseases, people suffering from gastrointestinal disorders, men and women alike dealing with hormonal imbalances and compromised endocrine and immune systems, athletes training to reach their maximum potential, businesspeople dealing with the stressors of corporate life, and even those who may be otherwise perfectly healthy can all benefit from optimized diets and nutrition plans.


How does it work?

Personalized health begins with YOU. We start by combining many factors of your individual makeup, including your:

  • Health history

  • Family history

  • Typical diet and eating habits

  • Past and current medications

  • Past and current supplements

  • Occupation

  • Environment

  • Stressors

  • Sleep habits

  • Lifestyle habits

After learning about you and your habits, we can start creating the picture of what makes you, you. Then, in order to know how to color it in, we add lab testing that finds who you are at the genetic level. These labs can test:

  • Current micronutrient status

  • Genetic micronutrient needs

  • Food allergies

  • Cardiovascular health

  • Inflammation levels

  • Hormone levels

  • Thyroid functioning

  • Genetic factors

  • Aging

  • Pre-diabetes markers

With all the data collected, we can analyze your needs and customize a program that has you and your optimal health in mind.


Does it work?

Everything we do is backed by research, from the labs we use to the nutrients we put in our therapies and nutraceuticals. With the use of the data received from testing your blood, we can take the guesswork out of finding what may work and discover what does work. 

With all the specialized information we can gather, we can isolate imbalances and underlying causes in order to create specific treatment programs. With these programs, we can help your body reach its natural body chemistry in order to function optimally.  

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What type of labs are ordered?

We have a wide variety of panels that we can use to uncover any underlying issues you may have. During the initial consultation, our experts can get a feel for your current health and make recommendations based on your history, your goals, and any current medical concerns. Based on these, we can prescribe the right labs that will help us find out the root causes of your issues, concerns, and conditions. The labs we offer include:









What are the therapies prescribed?

This depends on a variety of factors, starting with your current overall health condition. With results from your blood work, we can customize infusions that deliver the nutrients that your actually body needs. Our staff will analyze your results to determine proper therapeutic dosages and frequencies of the infusions, and, along with the injectables, will create a plan of action on when and how often to administer the nutrient therapies. Our main therapies include:


INFUSIONS Essential micronutrients supplemented directly to the bloodstream via infusions

INJECTABLES Essential micronutrients injected intramuscularly via shots

NUTRACEUTICALS Pharmaceutical grade supplements for a complete nutritional profile

PROLON Five-day fast mimicking diet kit delivering the benefits of fasting

NEUROSPA Massage for your neurological system, promoting relaxation and stress relief

Along with the infusions and injectables, our staff will prescribe any of our nutraceuticals that may help. We developed our line of nutraceuticals to help address deficiencies and conditions in between treatments in the clinic. These range from multivitamins and fish oils, to more specific formulas to target adrenal fatigue, cholesterol, diabetes, cognitive functioning, inflammation, cardiac health, and other more specific conditions.

In addition, we will make diet and lifestyle recommendations to follow throughout your daily routine to help reduce body fat, lower inflammation, regulate hormones, boost immune functioning, and fight disease. 

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How long does it take to see results?

Nutrition is a long game. It is not a quick fix, nor should it be treated as such. Those investing in personalized care are investing in themselves over the long term so they may live a longer, healthier, and happier life. Our programs help map out your path to health, and our therapies and nutraceuticals, along with proper diet and exercise, guide you along that path. 

That being said, in as little as a week, you may start to feel the difference. Energy levels should start to rise and sleep should start being more restorative as your body starts the detoxification process. Depending on your specific condition or illness, your body may start responding as it starts repairing itself. That's what happens when you address deficiencies and give your body what it truly needs - it begins to repair and heal. While it doesn't happen overnight, the process starts as soon as you want it to start.

Within a month, you should really start to notice a change in your overall health. Your weight should improve, your skin may appear more vibrant, your cognitive functioning should improve, and your digestion will become more regular and less irritable. Your exercise capacity should increase, your muscle and joint pain should decrease. Your overall quality of life will improve as your body cleanses, repairs, and restores at the cellular level. 

Every body is different, yet every body uses the same nutrients to perform. Meet those needs, and the rest will fall into place.


How much does it cost?

Our initial consultations are $150. From there, our staff will work with you on a personalized plan to fit your condition and your budget. Follow up consultations are $75 and may be scheduled at frequencies determined on your first visit. 

Our nutraceuticals, while high in quality and effectiveness, are competitively priced with the leading supplement companies.

Our main infusions, which can be found here, range in prices from $100-$245, and custom formulations will typically fall in that range. Depending on dosages and frequencies prescribed, there is the possibility of package discounts. 


How do I start?